Seth Wood - Nashville style & sound

Seth Wood is a Nashville singer/songwriter with an endearing, classic, simple sound- and look. His latest EP Abraham is lyrically expressive, imaginative, and vivid with unexpected melodies and soft duets. These songs have a timeless immediacy- they could have been recorded 100 years ago or just yesterday, and are at once familiar. Seth writes of love, travel, time, and friendship- Abraham could easily be a soundtrack for a movie.

Seth's style matches his sound in authenticity, simplicity, and its Southern American roots.  Classic lines, button downs, suspenders, and simple pairings complete Seth's pared down look. Worn in jeans, earth tones- Seth has an approachable, comfortable style.

Seth says, " I am a total believer of minimalism- 3 chords and sort of thing. I think simplicity births great ideas so I like to live that way. I only own one pair of jeans. I have maybe three shirts." Seth would look fantastic in Billy Reid and could be the cover of Garden & Gun any day.

Songs like Old Bird are porch swing songs- perfect for cool nights outdoors with loved ones and a guitar. Think male Katie Herzig. Here is the video for Old Bird.

Seth's look is easygoing and authentic. "When you're young and poor because you're a struggling artist, you don't have the luxury of having lots of things," he says, "I just try to be creative with my limitations and make it a part of my persona. Less is more in so many ways, musically and fashionably."

You can purchase Abraham here.


Playing Hooksies said...

I should check him out.. sounds like youre into him!


sacramento said...

I am checking him in depth for you.

Kirstin Marie said...

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like someone worth checking out. :)


Meri said...

Haha- the whole "less is more" thing really fits my budget as well :) Neat feature!

Laura said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my shabby chic bedroom post! It means so much to me :) Love your blog, btw!
Love Laura xoxo

Artfully Awear said...

I hadn't yet heard of him...I'm definitely going to take a listen! Thanks for sharing!

lady sélénite said...

He looks so gentle !