time for a change...

dear lovely readers,

i've decided to make a change. a blog change. while the closet challenge was a major undertaking from which i learned a lot, i have decided to shift the focus of my blog, because i think the content of the closet challenge (one daily shot of, "oh hai, i wore this.") has reached critical mass for me.

i've decided to change to reflect my station in life.  most of what i do is styling for bands / artists. this is because my loves in the world, besides my kitty ;) , are fashion and music. i am a lousy musician. but i figured out a long time ago that while i can't make music, i can make people who do look the way their music sounds- with fashion. and i am in the midst of a career built on this fact.

for the record, things to know that i learned from the closet challenge...
-i made it 154 days. i bet you can go farther than you think, too.
-if you don't wear something at least every 6 months, get rid of it. or make it into something you will wear.
-shop in your closet. there are things you love you've forgotten.
-we all get in fashion ruts. remember that when you got something in your closet, you loved it! try things new ways with new accessories, and you will surprise yourself. i sure did!

so, from now on, besides my general critique and commentary on the fashion goings on of the world, i will be posting about music and dress, what i hear, and why i style my clients or myself based on it. i'm also going to post videos or MP3s of the music to share with you- because i don't work for anyone i don't support, and have worked with some killer acts. i think you'll dig it. i hope so.

stick around and see what's next.

lots of love,



Meri said...

I will! I love seeing what new directions people are inspired by :)

mode. said...

thanks, lady! appreciate your support!!

Jennifer said...

I look forward to reading what you come up with. Plus who doesn't like being introduced to new music!! :D

SASA said...

what a beautiful hair! i adore you hair colour. <3 wanna follow each other? im your new follower. :)

Bella said...

I am so looking forward to seeing the new twist your blog is going to take! And I agree with Sasa, your hair looks amazing!

lady sélénite said...

Hey, I'm excited by this new adventure and I can't wait to see what will be on your blog ! I hope you will continue to post some of your outfits, because I love that !