Grammie's hats!!

this post was meant to go up earlier, but i suffered a nasty fall this weekend. i was walking to a show and slipped on the wet street, and fell on both knees, rolled my ankle and scraped myself up pretty badly. ouch! for the record, i was wearing flats (!!) and am firmly convinced that i would not have fallen if i'd been wearing my highest heels. 

anyhoo... my Grammie's hats!

i went to see my grandmother and she gave me these lovely hats and scarves! they all belonged to my great-grandmother (Grammie) and i love them! 

here's a picture of her, her name was Elizabeth Parrish, she is second from the left, standing next to her father, my great-great-grandfather, and her brothers and sisters.
she was born in 1901 and died in 1994. judging by the outfits and the relative ages, i think this picture was taken around 1945- the men's trousers and ties are on the wider side, ties and pant legs got thinner after WWII ended. so Grammie is around 44 here- and she loved hats! i can't wait to figure out what to wear with them... especially the white pill box one. it looks like a Jackie O cake!

these are real deal vintage, and are staying in the family, which makes me happy. yay!

and back to the closet challenge..

day 88

black and white stripedy Tim Burton wedges (love love love these), black slacks and tee, silver earrings, and this beloved white jacket with a poem on it.

it's a Mizrahi jacket and my friend Jessie added the writing. i got it from her at a yard sale she and her husband had (i can't Believe she parted with it!)  i've never actually read the whole thing, i'm embarrassed to admit, but it's true! i get a lot of questions about this whenever i wear it, it's just such a great unique piece.

day 89

night out with friends! i wore these black slacks and this black camisole with a grey rhinestone studded Calvin Klein sweater and black boots for a drink with friends at a local jazz club. i love the shape of this sweater and the 3/4 sleeves.

happy monday everyone!


<3 mode.


laura said...

you lucky duck! those hats and scarves are beautiful. My eye's especially caught on the scarf on the far left :) and thos "Burton" heels look fantabulous!

Brook said...

those hats are lovely! I love vintage hats. I can only wear half hats though because I have a giant dome!

Claire said...

what great hats! so neat that they belonged to your great grandma! how fun to wear something with such history!!!


sacramento said...

Fantastic trasure to have. I am so glad tha your mum kept it all for you to enjoy. Looking forward to seeing you wearing some of them
have a great day my dear Mode.

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Thanks so much for the comment!

Shybiker said...

So sorry about your mishap. Hope your wounds heal quickly.

The hats are incredible. What a nice link to your family's past. Please find creative ways to weave them into your life. I know hats aren't as popular today as they were in your great-grandmother's time, but I find anachronistic fashion is fascinating for that reason.

Kirstin Marie said...

1. I hope you are feeling better from your fall!!! That sounds terrible, I actually verbally spoke "oh my gosh!" when I read it.
2. I loved reading about your great-grandmother and family. That picture is so awesome. Those hats and scarves are really pretty. I can't wait to see you style them!
3. Cute outfit for Day 88!! I love your blazer and your shoes are super cool!!

mode. said...

aw, thanks. i'll be ok- mostly just embarrassed!

Louise said...

Oh my goodness, I am completely jealous of your new-to-you hats! I can't wait to see you style them!

You look so classy and sophisticated-- perfect for a jazz club!

Milly said...

adore these hats... and the photos

Really lovely blog, I'm following!

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Leia said...

Very cool hats!


tiny dancer said...

That jacket is fabulous! It's so original. You have such a unique style, I'm totally envious :) Cute blog! Thanks for your lovely comments on mine!


Artfully Awear said...

What beautiful hats, and so lovely to know the story behind them! I always make up stories about fabulous ladies who wore the hats I find thrifting. How lucky you are that yours have stayed in the family!

Vanessa said...

What a lovely and so well preserved collection! How special to have been given these family fashion treasures. I can't wait to see them on you! It's a good reminder to take care of my best pieces for posterity - or at least until my little sister wants them!

Rosie said...

Ooh, I love a bit of family history! The hats look amazing, as does the picture.

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

The hats look really amazing :)
You're so lucky having them ^^
Anyway, nice and really amazing stories :)
Wanna hear more from you!

♥ sugarpuff ♥
Pinkie Anggia ☺

Isabel said...

i hope you are ok after the fall! those hats are pretty amazing!

Sunny & Star said...

Those hats are absolutley amazing. So beautiful. And I love your looks.

lady sélénite said...

I love the jacket with the poem on it, what a beautiful idea !
Your grand mother's hats are moving !

Laura said...

Hello! I love your blog and I recently became your 88th follower! your comment on my blog made my week and It would make my year if you could follow me at www.scoutingforstyle.blogspot.com thanks a million, Laura :)

Annebeth said...

oh wow! poor you for falling, but I'm in love with those amazing hats so that makes up for it, right? :D I love clothes with a story, this is just amazing!

SASA said...

aww i love your grammie's hats! they are adorable <3 :D

Matt said...

Awesome hats!! And that's so cool that they're staying in the family! (Also that's really neat that you know how to date the pictures from the clothes! I wouldn't even have a clue!) Love your outfits too! The Mizrahi jacket is really neat, and the shoes look great! :)

Hélène Marie Jeanne said...

adorable hats! :)
really cute blog! :))


ps. check mine too if you like! :D