captain america & the nashville film festival

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very exciting news!
most of you probably recall the intro to this story, but i'll give you the short version just in case...

i have several times had the pleasure of working with the amazing photographer/ cinematographer/ director Chad McClarnon and filmaker/ writer/ painter motke dapp. the two of them were working on a short film called The Once Mighty and at the last minute, requested a full on Captain America costume from me. in a pinch. i had only six days to construct it- including buying fabric- from scratch. i mean the tights, shorts, shirt (which is a torso piece, two sleeves, stomach piece, and star) a hood/mask (with A and wings), gloves, and boots.
think, pooh bear... midconstruction
the fabric had to be dyed, and my first try failed. on top of that, the film was being shot out of town, so i never actually measured the actor. this is always an issue, because if you tell me your waist is a 32 but you wear a 36/36 pant, something is Wrong. i usually insist on measuring myself, but i took on this challenge, partially due to a bribe of an OG lite brite from Chad. i think i made the best costume i could considering the constraints and was proud that i made it in time. i posted a picture of the costume here.

here's the trailer for the film... the costume you see there is not the one i made.

fast forward to this week- the nashville film festival will be showing The Once Mighty !! i'm so thrilled and honored to be a part of it, though my contribution was small and fast. motke and Chad are so talented, i'm absolutely beaming for them. Green Hills Cinema at 10am on Sunday April 17th! be there if you're in town- i know i will be!



Meri said...

That is so cool! Good for you, that must be really exciting :)

Shybiker said...

Very cool work. Lots of people tell you what measurement they want to be, not what they actually are.

J said...

Your Costume looks AMAZING! Great job cici!

lady sélénite said...

what a great an funny adventure ! you have a great job !

audelia said...

amazing blog! xo


fhenny said...

what a cool costume!

have a great weekend

Anything but Bland said...

dear mode,

this is AMAZING! that's a crazy story. ugh, i know i will probably have to do this stuff in the future, too!!


you made it though! congrats!

love, polly :)

mode. said...

thank you thank you thank you! :)

LENA said...

So cool! :)


Artfully Awear said...

Wow, very impressive! You must work well under pressure! :)