style blogging... more closet challenge

i honestly cannot believe the closet challenge is nearing 100 - and more to come!!

day 82

vintage pieces...

 this vintage shirt is one of my all time favorites.  it has ladies in loud hats with mirrors on it, with blue and light orange stripes with a textured background.

paired with a large cocktail sapphire pendant from an estate sale, a purse Nana made, and slipper flats.

day 83

i think this top looks like ice cream sherbert. it's probably the loudest top i own.

it's a tube top, so normally i wear it in the summer, but here i've paired with a shrug and long pants so i'll stay warm. rocket dog flats, hoop earrings.

day 83

walking billboard.

this shirt is from the 2010 vision walk supporting Foundation Fighting Blindness. this is one of the charities dearest to my heart, due to my bunny's eye disease. we walked last year and were team captains for The Thundercats (ho!) and will do the same this year. i'll post more information about this as i have it, but we've got a lot to live up to - raised several thousand bucks! 
as for this shirt, the color always makes people notice it, but i really want to fix the fit on it a bit- it gives me no shape. this year, i may get a really big one and try to turn it into a dress... what do you think?


Meri said...

Love that button down top!
I'm having a giveaway- come check it out!

kileen said...

what a cute button down with the ladies in hats! i love the way you paired it with a blue purse too! and i totally think you should turn the t-shirt into a dress and post a little DIY. teach us! :)

cute and little
come check out the color brigade!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

I really appreciate your comments dear :)
Thank you so much!

Shybiker said...

Great shirt and top. You have such a good eye for picking out wonderful items. Wanna go shopping with me? :)

Yankeenaijababe said...

thanks for stopping by my blog...feel free always..don't be a stranger...:=) Nice outfits by the way.

Kirstin Marie said...

I LOVE your shirt from Day 82! It looks amazing on you and it is so pretty. Wonderful colors. That is so awesome that you are walking in the Foundation Fighting Blindness charity (cool team name!). I love charity walks/runs, I just have been so strapped for time lately!

cuteredbow said...

Nice blog !


Courtney Erin said...

Love that first top - the pattern is so great!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Bonnie said...

These challenges seem really hard. I'm way too much of a pansy to try them. I applaud your success.

You look fantastic. That loud top? I want it. <3

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

lady sélénite said...

I love the shirt and the psychedelic top ! They bring life into life !

Ali said...

Oooooh writing on your wall.. *distracted* hehe. I do like that sherbert ice cream wavy line shirt of yours. :D

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

those tops are such lovely colours!!!

Rafael Franco said...


I love the print of your vintage t-shirt. Really beautiful.

kisses from Brazil*


Anonymous said...

Wow that button down with lady hats is just awesome!! I can just see the endless possibilities of you wearing them. Really good find in thrifting

Anonymous said...

OOh wow, that vintage shirt is amazing! What a find!!

Sarah xx


Leah said...

Love the vintage pieces at the top! I'm having my first giveaway for my blog and you might like the grand prize.. an excellent fashion photography book full of 50s and 60s fashion!!



Emmy said...

I adore day 82's vintage top, I see why it is one of your favorites :)