gun street girl- Tom Waits & closet challenge

day 77 of the closet challenge

 wet seal teal coat, black slacks, shoes from bunny, head wrap from target. the jacket is corduroy and nice and snuggly. plus i love the big buttons...
and surprise!

fabulous colorful lining inside the jacket. i usually wear it with the cuffs rolled up so that you can see the fun inside. also, fun beaded necklace from express.

day 78

more black on black- always chic, always my go to. cotton black sweater with side button detailing (hard to see), with resultant asymmetrical neck line. paired with black and whit earrings and silver rose pin.

you can the buttons here some. very warm and cozy!

day 79

my bunny says this poncho makes  me look like an art gallery owner, which i think is very funny. paired with giant purple ring, rocket dog flats, and black trousers.

day 80
the gun street girl.

Tom Waits tshirt with express skirt and target flats. if you do not know his music, you owe it to yourself to get on it. he is on the very short list of my most favorites- in music and in style. many of you know of the affect Tim Burton has had on me- Tom Waits is also on that list, in that certain pieces immediately remind me of him and i know instantly that he would love them.

Tom's early work is gritty, classically influenced jazz piano. his voice is unmistakeable, his lyrics are imaginative and cut to the core. he is like no other. lots of black on black with small surprises (linings, cuffs, a handful of glitter), fabulously cut suits, and a sense of occasion, circus freak, road warrior, and vintage master are all present in his look.

he also possesses one of the most fascinating, gravelly, darkly beautiful voices that have ever graced this existence. 

here's an earlier track, "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis."

and hats! bloody fantastic hats!

i think his look is uniquely American and i always embrace lovely men with style. you may recognize one of his songs from Fight Club... "Goin' Out West." 

in 1983, Tom's music took a moved away from jazz and classical in what has been termed a turn for the weird.

this change can be most easily heard between the records Heartattack and Vine (1980) and Swordfishtrombones (1984). my favorite is Rain Dogs. and i am a gun street girl.

this shirt is from the Glitter and Doom tour, it's a photograph of an oil stain that Tom took. i think it looks like a guy pointing. i love it. and i always know i like a stranger who recognizes it and who's the cause of it all.


Meri said...

I love Tom Waits' gravelly voice, and I love your gray tee!

sacramento said...

Thank you Mode for your lovely outfit challenge, and superb photos and misic of Tom Waits.

Leia said...

You look so pretty!


Kelly said...

I'm impressed with your closet challenge. Way to go!!! I also love that teal jacket with the fun lining! I'm a total sucker for surprise lining in clothing. It's funny that such a little detail can really make a difference!!

Kirstin Marie said...

I love your teal coat!! It's gorgeous! Lovely outfits, you look fabulous!

Kirstin Marie

Shybiker said...

You have good taste in clothes AND music! These outfits are cute and I *love* Tom Waits. I started enjoying him at the very beginning of his career (I'm oooold) and have his early work on real vinyl albums. His gravelly voice spoke to me. Glad to hear you youngsters like him!

Jenmarie said...

The neckline on your black sweater is really lovely.


Vanessa said...

Well, if it's an art gallery owner you look like, she's one stylish art gallery owner! I like the jacket and I also like the turquoise one with the colorful lining! fun looks!

Haute Muslimah said...

You've got a really fun blog!
And I love that sweater with the asymmetrical neck :)

Tara said...

The surprise lining is by far my favorite. I love that jacket!

Your challenge is impressive, by the way!

Imelda said...

Lov the Tom Waits t-shirt!

BBM said...

that striped sweater is FAB! awesome challenge and ure doing so great!

Anonymous said...

i love love love tom waits and hisi strong voice!
anyway, i wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog !!
xoxo, Léti!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I totally dig Tom Waits voice, but I have never really noticed his style before. Thanks for introducing it to me!

xo, Ashley

Becky Regina said...

What an awesome style challenge! :D

lady sélénite said...

Dear gun street girl, you made here a beautiful post, you know how I love Tom Waits too ! I really like what you wrote about him (I love "circus freak" and "road warrior". He have a fabulous weird class !


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

That aqua/teal jacket is fantabulous!

Judy said...

cute outfits, and thanks for showing us Tom Waits. I hadn't heard him before, but I'm incredibly intrigued by him now. His voice is haunting..


Chelsea Lane said...

cool post on tom! I LOVE that stripey top <3


Yajaira said...

love the jacket of the first photo.. the striped lining of the jacket - pretty..

Dans Mon Boudoir said...

You're so cute! You look great in your pictures!! Xx Dans Mon Boudoir

LyddieGal said...

love the teal coat - such a great color!

Chic on the Cheap

oomph. said...

was just passing thru...and, what a great closet challenge! 80 days so far...wow!!


liyana said...

i love the fist outfit :) so cute! and those walls scribbled its artistic! loved!