fly away! closet challenge moves along... and Happy New Year!

day 67 fly away!

gifted Tim Burton scarf from La Rae, black tshirt and sailor trousers, and lovely brooch pair from the amazingly talented and whimsical Jane Aubourg. she makes lovely pieces AND lovely music. do check her out! here's a closeup of the brooches she made...

paired with this lovely gifted HUGE black ring.

and black prada bag.

day 68
layered black tops (one see through, one cami), black trousers, steve madden heels, and gifted purse. i adore the graphic print on this little purse!

and a closer view of the shoes, black and white leopard print with red trim.

day 69
graphic black and white print top, target flats, black trousers, prada bag, and one huge ring.

this is my favorite ring. i got it in Bozeman, Montana. sometimes... i think i should have gotten the big one. LOL, oh, well.

day 70.
this does not work.

i know it doesn't work. i know it makes me look wide. i know i'm not tall enough for it. but i love it! i got this dress for five (five!) dollars, and just cannot let it go. i love the fabric and pattern.

and absolutely gorgeous covered buttons.

oh, well. win some, lose some. and if anyone out there can make this dress work, let me know! it's yours.

day 71
how to dress up a t-shirt? add a fancy skirt.

we all have go to t-shirts. since i don't wear jeans at all (as in never, don't have any), i have to pair mine with other options. with a skirt like this, i can wear a t-shirt to work, out, etc. ironically, when i got this shirt (my daddy drives a ford) it was true, but now he drives a big ole harley. i've not found that shirt yet.
paired with these earrings:

and paired with this Kenneth Cole bracelet with similar textures:

happy new year everyone! more posts in 2011 and the closet challenge continues... thank you all so much for reading- i wish you a fabulous NYE and amazing 2011! i have my outfit picked out already... do you??




Meri said...

Ohh, I love that chunky black ring. I don't wear rings lately but I still love them!

Shybiker said...

This is a great post. So many pictures!

Outfits 65 and 67 are spectacular. They work so well. And I'm 100% with you on jeans: I'll never own any.

You accessorize really well. I'm way impressed.

Christy said...

Love that first outfit and the Kenneth Cole earrings!

mode. said...

d'oh! i had to go back in and renumber these- i typed the same number twice accidentally. here's to better record keeping in 2011!

paperwhales said...

I love that black ring that was posted near the top.


lady sélénite said...

Love the bracelet with tiny shoe !
I nominate you as one of the fifteen fashion bloggers...So, if you want, feel free to check out the post on my blog :

sacramento said...

I think you are lovely, and it is time to have you in my blogroll and follow you.
It would also be a pleasure to have you amongst my followers.
Have a wonderful new year 2011.

Little Miss Curious said...

happy new year :)


Flow Disruption said...

I love the graphic tee and blue ring! Wonderful collection of outfits and photos. :)

JMay said...

So many cute outfits, rings, & shoes :-)

Happy Happy New Year!


Anisa said...

zomg i love those rings! especially the black one, love love love! and that dress that you don't think you can pull off (which you totally can with heels!) is absolutely gorgeous especially with $5, go you!

thanks for checking out my blog!


Marisa Noelle said...

I absolutely love outfit 70. It is gorgeous and actually I think it looks quite lovely on you:) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following you now:) Happy New Year!! xx Marisa

Henar said...

Love the outfits, really cool!