50?! and more

day 49
red blue floral. i absolutely adore this little dress and am so bummed that i won't be able to wear it again (it's super cute with black tights and boots, too!). i love the shape of this, too, and think it's flattering for my body type- so if you're a pear, go for this shape!

paired with a square moonstone ring, gifted from my step mother and triple hoop earrings.

day 50! and going strong. red top with sheer black overlay, black pants and my adorable (if i do say so myself) button purse.

i style a band in town called Team Illuminati, and while on the prowl for some rock opera alien attack pieces (seriously) with the fearless leader, Aloysius,  found this in a vintage shoppe. he was kind enough to buy it for me (awww). i've consequently added more buttons, and yes, i lose them everywhere when i carry this.

day 51- party girl.

wore this to a small evening party for business. i can't remember where i got this top, but it's two pieces, sheer and blue, with little sparkles that don't photograph terribly well. black trousers, black shrug, and these earrings- long, silver strands, they almost look like feathers.  and my friend Jo has been trying to steal them from me for years. ;)

day 52- Burton girl!

as most of you know, i'm a huge fan of Tim Burton, and collect what i call "Burton dresses" usually striped, paired down colors or black and white (or black and red, for that matter), just something i know he'd love- this is one of my faves. it's actually made from tshirt material, so it's totally comfortable, though must be worn with a slip to prevent indecency. paired with black oxfords and black blue purse, and this locket.
i don't have any pictures in it, it holds two. have been meaning to put in one of Luna and one of the bunny. <3

day 54

pinky and the brain. thrifted floral print top with black cami, Steve Madden mary janes, pink leopard purse. and one heavy pair of earrings.

boss metal pink hoops with triangle and diamond cut outs. very heavy. i usually only wear them out or during the day while working- but not both. but i love the shape and the bright pop of color- i even have the exact same pair in green... for another closet challenge day.

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Jan said...

The button bag is hilariously fun. How kitsch! How great!

chai am woman said...

oh my gosh... i'm baffled by how you're keeping up with this challenge! but it's such a GREAT idea. i've toyed with the idea of the whole once you wear it move it to the back of the closet til it comes back into rotation buuuuuttt... i definitely pick favorites with my clothes. :)

thanks for your commenton my blog!

Lydia Marie said...

That red and blue dress is so pretty! And this is a really cool challenge that you're doing, what a good idea!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Love the concept of your blog! cu around! :-)


+ + + + + + + + + + +

Bella said...

I'm gaga for the pink leopard purse! I would so kill for that! :) Can the vintage button little cosmetic case be any more unique? I love pieces like that! It's great you've made it your own with the addition of more buttons. Cute!

oomph. said...

love the moonstone ring and the button bag! the bag could totally evolve over time as you keep adding new buttons to replace the fallen ones...fun!


Vanessa said...

I quite like the cream and black dress with the diagonal stripes. It's so chic!

Iris said...

That button bag is so fun and unique!