purple day for suicide prevention

i'm skipping ahead to what i am wearing today, October 20th, 2010. day 50.

i am wearing purple to alert anyone considering suicide, especially GLBTs, that i do not want them to die, and that they may talk to me if they need someone to talk to. for anonymous help, the Kristin Brooks Hopeline is an excellent resource, and they may be reached at 1-800-442-HOPE.

as of now, i am one of at least 1,608,576 people wearing purple today. i believe that fashion is a small thing CAN help change the world. if one person doesn't kill themselves because they see so many people wearing purple and offering a shoulder or an ear, then we have made a difference.


Anonymous said...

Oh my if I had known. Next year for sure I will do this.

You look beautiful and those are one killer pair of shoes. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

lady sélénite said...

Yes, purple is the color of temperance, combination of the sweet blue and the active red. This dress is gorgeous !