final Tori shirts

day 21
Tori shirt from Scarlet's walk, the map of her body shirt. i remember now why i don't ever wear this skirt. it's cute, and i love the shape, but it rides up. here i've pulled it waaaaay down, but it rides all the way up to my chest. annoying!

day 22
i love this shirt. American Doll Posse. "i don't mind a dirty girl."
damn right.

it's good to be back. i have a full 10 days more pictures to post, and am continuing every day!


Lesson Schedule said...

I just discovered your blog. I have a Tori obsession too-the moment I heard "Winter" on Little Earthquakes I decided that music would be my life. Got a maters in piano (10 years later) and now play and sing for a living:) (www.hudsonkmusic.com) I was searching for Tori stuff and stumbled on your twitter post. LOVE IT! Music connects people!

mode. said...

excellent! i've loved her for years and even taught a class on her in college (seriously). this parade of shirts is actually for a closet blog challenge i'm doing- how long can i go without laundry (except underwear and gym clothes) and not wear the same thing twice? i did all the Tori shirts (9, i think!) in a row.

did you read this article about wrestler Mike Foley and "winter"? http://www.slate.com/id/2267815/

Anonymous said...

I have a closet full of unflattering t shirts but they are so amazingly comfy that I can't get rid of them. Although the t shirt in your last post by Rae is really cool. Good idea you've got there wearing a layering tee under a cropped one.That is why I never buy cropped tee's cuz I don;t know how they would look layered.:)

Love from Toronto, Canada