catch up and Michael Wilson

it's been harder to blog every day than i expected. rest assured, the closet challenge moves on...
day 11 (looking for day 10 photo...)

girls' night out in FL, bitches. here's one of the whole dress, not very flattering. this necklace is the JAM.

and some compatriots have been cropped to protect their identities. 

day 12
t shirt. so sue me.

day 13
it's been unseasonably hot, so i have been wearing these shorts a lot, my only pair. this shirt was a gift from my stepmother and is the jam- super comfortable and could totally work for any preggo ladies out there. i am really tired in this picture and did NOT want to be photographed.

day 14

love this dress, simple black and white that pairs easily with sweaters or nice jackets, can dress up or dress down. and i was photographed in this by the wonderful Michael Wilson

day 15
this is one of my favorite tops, and i've got the shorts again. headband and silver ring with very comfy slide kitten heels. i love love love this outfit.

day 16
let the Tori shirts begin! this one is my favorite, from Little Earthquakes. 

day 17
this one is from To Venus and Back, the front says, "moistening" and the back says, "on the bomb" both from "Riot Poof," written about Tori's chef, Duncan, which you can hear here.

day 18

strange little girl. 'nuff said.


Anonymous said...


I think I found your blog via weardrobe and just came by to say hi. I love your witty writing and casual chic style.

I would really love for us to keep in touch. How do you feel about following and/ or doing a link exchange with my blog. I'd happily return the favor.

Love from Toronto, Canada

Anonymous said...

I was just noticing that you have some really nice dresses. why don;t you post more often?

Love from Toronto, Canada

mode. said...

not enough time... sigh. been super busy at work and my brother is getting married this saturday. i do take a picture every day, though!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing more then. :)Please do take plenty of wedding photos for us. :)

Love from Toronto, Canada

mode. said...

i will! my dress is Beautiful! you will love it, you have some super cute dresses. thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss