canoe trip gym rat

the girls and i decided to go canoeing, and i ended up totally soaked in this outfit. although, we did NOT tip over, i got tired of trying to get out of this and into the bathing suit and finally just got wet. woohoo! the water was cool and we had an excellent time with old friends and new. these are actually my gym clothes, champion workout pants, and plain old hanes tank top. actually i spent most of the day clothed in my amazing Ariel towel, which will need to be photographed. because it's amazing. and you will be jealous. and these are my most favorite pinky grey sunglasses. i LOVE these and am very impressed that i've managed to keep them as long as i have and not lost them. i had two pairs for the trip, just in case. i figured if they wanted to jump ship after all these years, it was about that time.

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