ravioli FTW

James and i made ravioli. from scratch. bam! and James was man enough to wear one of the aprons my mom sent from montana. eat your heart out, ladies.

we actually made the dough (easy, actually, just flour, eggs, touch of olive oil and salt). let it sit, rolled it- courtesy of Steve's French Pastry Rolling Pin (make no mistake) and the cutting board my granddaddy DIck made for my mom- which was immensely helpful given that my countertops are tiled.
made sauce with tomatoes from the garden and stuffed the little guys with turkey, squash (from the garden), spinach, garlic, and onions. and spices. oh, the spices!

a keen eye will also notice some tomatillos there- also from the garden, with which i invented a sort of chunky salsa verde- it was really simple, actually. just tomatillos with avocado, lime juice, salt, pepper, onion, and cilantro. with tortilla chips- oooh, girl.

we ended up having to pull the leaf of the entry hall table up to make room for laying out the raviolis to dry at the of the stuffing process- you have to lay out the dough, make little piles of stuffing, then draw a circle around the pile with your finger after dipping it in water (seriously), then lay another dough layer on top- press, mold, cut, and rest.

and here we are peering over them like nervous parents...

it's not hard if you're considering trying this- but it is majorly time consuming. the dough has to sit for an hour. stuffed raviolis sit for an hour. plus prep and all for everything else (which can be done in between, but this took 3.5 hours with two cooks). i'm glad James was there to help- i'd have been in that kitchen LATE without him. and- Voila! 

it was a major, major hit. break yourself, fool!

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