closet blog challenge!

i am joining great tradition of those who perform experiments on themselves. welcome to the ranks.

the plan is pretty simple. i am going to see how long i can wear a different outfit everyday. i will do no laundry, with the exception of underwear and gym clothes (you're welcome), and see how far i can go with clothes i currently own. i will take a picture of myself every day and blog about what i'm wearing.

the point is threefold.
one- i think most people, women especially, get into ruts with their clothes. we wear the same things over and over, hold certain clothes for "special occasions" that may never come, sentimental clothes, buy clothes and for some reason never wear. why do we do this? i know i've got some great clothes in there i rarely, if ever, wear. i bet you do, too. what are we waiting for?
two- most people really have no idea what is in their closet, how many clothes they have, how they can wear them stylishly, and what they need to take to goodwill. this is mostly due to number one. and in a recession, i am all about "shopping in your closet." i am interested to see what i find, how long this will take, and what will get taken down to 8th avenue after being worn. not to mention the fact that the less often you wear your clothes, the longer they will last.
three- YOU can be stylish with what you have. i'll show you.

keep in mind that i only own about three pairs of pants (all black, of course), and i have far more tops than that. really the rules will be a different outfit and not having to do laundry. i think pants can be worn more than once without laundering, and i often do this. during this experiment, i will wear my pants more than once, but will not wear them with the same shoes/ top/ jewelry/ bag/ etc. same will go for accessory pieces that do not define an outfit, say, a black shrug. however, i will not launder the pants, so if i spill my dinner on a pair, they're out. i'm also going to avoid wearing them where possible in lieu of skirts.

here are my clothes:

furthermore, i'm takin' bets. whoever guesses closest to the amount of days i can pull this off will win a prize TBD. but it's going to be price is right style- closest without going over. the pictures do not include my winter clothes. if i am able to make it long enough that it gets cold, i'll add them into the mix... we'll just have to see.

here we go!


anastasia said...

23 days

Anthony Damico said...

anastasia puhleeze. 50 days.

mode. said...

i hope to outdo you both!!

Style Maniac said...

oh to not do laundry for a month! or in your case--3?? as a new reader of your blog I am amazed that you are still going strong in December!