chicken cacciatori

this was a first. i have never had chicken cacciatori, and have wondered what it entails and contains. answer- not too much prep and it's chicken, crushed tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and garlic, rosemary, sage, and bay leaves, and olives. oh, yes. beautiful black olives. with a bit of wine and chicken stock to sauce it up.
i've seen some recipes that include frying the chicken or using dark meat, and alternate spices. it seems to include cooked carrots sometimes- i despise cooked carrots, so i put them in the salad. i used the recipe in my cookbook, and stand by it for now (having never tried the others, though the fried chicken is out for me). not bad. i also learned that the cacciatori means hunter or bird catcher. makes sense.
the best part, if i do say so myself, is that the tomatoes i crushed and stewed with stock myself were from the garden. as organic as it gets, baby!
i paired with a cold veggie salad (it is balls out hot here), and some easy (and on sale!) asparagus.

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