having not posted dinner for two weeks, here's two bangs for your buck.

first up- one of all time personal favorites, watermelon salad! watermelon is ripe and delicious. i know this sounds weird, but trust me, this is the bomb- watermelon, feta cheese, salt, lime juice, and red onion. it's to die for, once you accept it. well, actually, i should say, you'll either love or hate this. i love, love, love it. paired with BLT's, green beans (snap), and fried green tomatoes- from the garden, no less! used onion sourdough for the BLT's, nice touch. i like mine with mayo- Bunny did not. once again, we were pleased to have Seth Wood join us for dinner.
i must admit, my fried green tomatoes were a little soggy, but the dredging i invented was fantastic. flour, garlic powder, red pepper, black pepper, white pepper, and spike- yum! La Rae put hers on her BLT- ooh, girl!

following week, i invented a new one, dubbed christmas pasta. yes, in july. gemili pasta with sauteed shallots, edamame, and asparagus, a bit of shredded spinach, and basil from my windowsill. toppped with beautiful, fresh local tomatoes, and parmesan cheese. red, green, and white= christmas pasta!
paired with some Amazing homemade bread from my next door neighbor, Lisa, holy moly. we ate both loaves. will have to get the recipe from her. this was a lovely, healthful meal- quick and easy to boot. was delicious cold the next day, too.


andrea said...

did i miss the watermelon sandwich? bummer.

blindhope said...

sorry, boo. it was worth your time.