Blindaroo was a fantastic success, which is not a surprise, but a few things this week were. the show was a blast and we felt so loved with faces rocked off. thanks to everyone, and i'll keep you posted on the progress of the philly trip.

other than that...

while Derrick Brown was here, we tried a new burger joint with Lala- which was amazing. local stuff, cool interior, fresh buns made every day by- no joke- their bun master. they had a bit of a wait, and we walked down 12th to kill some time. there is a jeans store i still don't know the name of it, but it's across from the mosque and the hipster taco truck parks there periodically. they make the jeans IN THE STORE. look at these fantastic patterns
(hanging from the ceiling),
(shining beautifully in mason jars),
seghers (bam!),
and industrial machines (just like i had in college).
i was drooling. you can make ANYTHING with the set up these guys have going. i want to break in and make stuff.

even though i hate jeans and they cost $200 a pop, this place was bomb. they know their shit, everyone was nice and not pushy or haughty (even though they were def hipsters), and they even had a beautiful happy dog. the atmosphere was amazing and they had cool shit everywhere. gorgeous vintage belts, massive necklaces, retro newspapers, and old photographs. bloody great.

last week's dinner (which was on saturday, rather than sunday, due to dad's yearly memorial day bbq- hamburgers, YES) included quite the surprise. evidently, back in the day, the italians made pasta sauce with peaches instead of tomatoes. i saw an interesting looking recipe for it on television and decided to try it after running it past the family to determine their level of adventure. peach pasta win!

this is extraordinarily easy and doesn't taste like anything you've ever eaten. to make the sauce, peel the peaches and saute with a cup of white wine. the rest of the bottle is for the chef, of course. simmer. boil some noodles and while they cook, chop a few shallots. place in the bottom of the serving bowl with a few slices of butter. once the pasta is cooked and drained, throw it over shallots to cook them. when the sauce thickens add some fresh thyme and shave in some of the darkest dark chocolate you can find. stir, simmer a few more minutes, and toss on the noodles. shave some nutty hard cheese over it and YUM. it's really good, great for summer, and a definite new addition to any dinner rotation y'all got goin'.



zeldafitz79 said...

I'm interested about this peach pasta sauce business, sounds and looks SO GOOD. Time to fire up the test-kitchen...

blindhope said...

do it, girl! it's worth your experimentation. and peaches from PP or the farmer's market are Bomb right now!