no sunday dinner, but...

no sunday dinner this week- we told Bobby about Blindaroo, the show in his honor at the Mercy on June 4th. you're all invited. we're having a big show to raise money (along with foundation fighting blindness and best buy) to send Bobby to have his eyes properly evaluated and see what his options are as far as gene therapy. woohoo! bands are heypenny, run with bulls, lasalle, spring hill spider party, field days, and the mary nails. yay!

also, a note on compost. i'm composting in my freezer. please see photos. i am helping Mir in her garden, in exchange for vegetables (yes, i will work for food), and since i have nowhere to compost, Mir told me to freeze it. brilliant! anything that is compostable [sic] goes in these containers and is frozen. when they are full, i take them and throw them in the garden. awesome!

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