dinner mash

i totally blanked and didn't take pictures of dinner last night. we ate late and i was hungry. fail.

we had-
polenta with monterey jack cheese (served warm, freshly made, consistency like grits. you can refrigerate this overnight, cut it into squares, and grill it.)
homemade salsa
asparagus (made from frozen- do Not do this. it was better than canned, but subpar compared to fresh. i went to two grocery stores, both were out. i should have just gotten green beans and been done with it.)
shrimp (broiled in olive oil and lemon juice)
and louis sauce (no joke. and with him in attendance, we got a big kick out of it. this is a mayonnaise based sauce, and i made even that bit myself. booyashacka!)

we watched most of 'the boondock saints' in preparation to watch the sequel, which i hope doesn't suck. the original is great- so smart, different, and well done. Wilhem Dafoe is amazing. and Sean Patrick Flannery is HOT. yes, indeed! if you haven't seen it, i highly recommend. it's a cult classic, because the director evidently fudged his deal and pissed off his studio, yadda yadda yadda, limited release.

in stealthy news, the annual easter sneak attack bunny leaving eggs at midnight went well. evidently, Finnegan ran out for the eggs and scuffed up his dress pants, to my brother's chagrin. oops. La Bon's brother set a freakin' booby trap knowing that we were coming- he tied a newspaper to fishing wire and ran it across the yard so we would pull it. scared the Crap out of us. we kept hearing something and then when the motion light came on, only saw a newspaper. we both thought it was a ghost, D thought it was a raccoon. we were bested, i hate to admit.

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