connect four pasta

rather than hitting the cookbook this week, this evening's dish is actually from my stepdad's recipe for three pepper pasta (green, red, and orange bell peppers), to which i added chicken and a fourth pepper (yellow). consequently, Louisface came up with connect four pasta, rather than my plain four pepper pasta. if you take the dish to the next level, you gotta take the name there, too.

this dish is SUPER easy and pretty quick. boil chicken, set aside. chop garlic, onions, and the four peppers. while the pasta water is boiling and the noodles cooking (i used angel hair), saute the garlic in a little olive oil (i do this with the stems from the basil to flavor the oil, and then fish them out), then the onions and peppers. by the time the noodles are done, the veggies are nicely cooked. add, toss, eat. Done. we had it with microwaveable edamame. and some pecorino romano grated on top.

extremely healthful and colorful meal. i've definitely noticed the more colorful meals are better. no big surprise here, as it's spring now, and the veggies that are good, available, and affordable are much easier to come by than in the winter. i try to even make something monotone like beans and rice as colorful as possible with herbs, different beans and lentils, etc., but nothing beats fresh light veggies. of course, one's tastes are different in the winter- we want more carbs and foods that cook longer, which always kills color to an extent, more comfort food. thank god it's spring!



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it was delicious. i'm happy to make it for you when you visit...