sunday nights

so, i stumbled into this sunday tradition. L, A, J, LR, and Bunny used to watch Dexter (oh, how we love him) every sunday. it made sense for us to have dinner before the show, and since i had Showtime, became the weekly cook (although, sometimes A cooks, and has made her world famous chicken pot pie, enchiladas, and various to die for desserts). luckily, my mother gave me The Joy of Cooking for christmas and i have my stepfather's hand written recipes. i've been working through them both.

i'll start posting better lists and possibly photos of what i make. i'm trying to remember everything i've made, and can't believe it took me this long to think to post this, because, not to toot my own horn, some of this stuff is THE BOMB. and i'm proud to have made it all from scratch myself.

so far i have made (and can remember)....

chicken spaghetti
chili (veggie and meaty)
pad thai
egg drop soup
manicotti stuffed with chicken, artichokes, and mozzarella with a lemon cream sauce
tortilla soup
beef stew
two cakes (the first of which was an epic fail, i'm sad to say)
lemon grass soup

there have been a ton more. why can't i remember them? i mean, Dexter is 10 shows at least!



andrea said...

don't forget that casserole you made (i think it had chicken in it). also, you made lasagna one week

blindhope said...

that's right, i made the ritz chicken casserole and lasagna twice- once i made it from scratch and when we first started, i made a frozen one. mine was better, if i do say so myself.