i had a wonderful birthday this year! at work, i got flowers, some homegrown vegetables, and a very nice gift card. B, M, A, and i met the Ratboy at the bar and hung out before we had sushi with B's family. yay! i got lots of nice texts, calls, messages, emails, etc., and am very thankful. friday, i took at half day and A and i were able to get the grandparents over to see the new flat (an adventure, i assure you), and then had friends over for dinner. nice! saturday, we had dinner with my parents, etc, and then B and i spent the night in together and watched muppets. i mean, seriously? how bad can life be? and he was sweet enough to give me a lovely new necklace and RECORD the Beatles song BIRTHDAY with some friends for me! like he did with In My Life for christmas. very sweet... i'll have to figure out how to get those on here... help? i also got more flowers and TWO PIES! one chess and one french silk, both at my house if anyone is feeling indulgent.
i hope your weekend was as good as mine.


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