dang... closing SOON, still under contract

well, june 12th didn't happen. boo. here's the rundown.

the preliminary run on all paperwork went well. there are no other units with my type of loan. nothing was immediately denied. everything made it through the first run of underwriting, and then they asked me for more information on certain things (totally expected and normal, like employment verification). they did not ask for much, and didn't ask for anything complicated, which i was assured is excellent news. as of either thursday or friday last week, everything they asked for in the second run was submitted. assuming that everything is looked at and approved in a timely matter, june 19th is the new june 12th.

i have to tell myself that there's a reason for this, that i'm not meant to be there yet. it needed to get pushed back a week for some reason. one i can think of is that my boss really needed me on friday, and i'm glad i was there to help her. besides that, there's not telling what else is behind it i can't see.

i've been assured there's no reason to think everything won't be approved eventually. time is the only issue now. i am comforted by the fact that everything is in process and was not initially rejected; if things of this nature get rejected, i think it generally happens more on the front end. also, we signed a contract extension so that the seller can't back out because closing is late (neither can i, but i won't!!) i know this is meant to be my home-please keep hoping for me and thinking positively (i am!) i am nervous about the closing and the ownership of a home in general, but i'm ready. y'all's support is a huge help. thank you, thank you.


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