i am feeling incredibly grateful right now. Bobby's dad is finally going to get the medicine he needs, the house process for me is going amazingly well, and Annie is going to be able to take my apartment, which is great. so, to all of that i say to the powers that be:

thank you

Thank You


things are so very different from where i was a year ago, and i know now that those things had to happen. if i had kept my job, i would have bought another house, that isn't as right for me as this one. (Anne would not be able to take my apartment, too.) i would never have found Bobby. thank you!!!

we went to the symphony last night, which was lovely. the symphony hall really is so wonderful, elegant, and classic. we had a lovely time, and i am grateful for having generosity around me. i am a well taken care of girl.

house update... offer and earnest check accepted, meaning we are under contract. inspection done, nothing major, but a few things that will need to be fixed. loan goes through underwriting tomorrow (cross your fingers for me! everything should be fine, but you never know.), then appraisal, repairs, closing, and moving. closing date is june 12th!!

yay! double YAY!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!



la la said...

woot to the mo-fo-ing woot. proud for ya.

J said...

hey you! how are you doing? sorry to be such a stranger on your page, I just havent really been blogging much up until a few days ago. been facebooking a lot more though, lol. well anyway, just wanted to see how you were? drop me a line when you have the time. take care!