i managed to do everything except finish presents and fix the polaroids.


the rest goes down along with a cd for Roo next...

how is everyone??



J said...

Hey Buddy I got the CD's! Thank you! I havent gotten the chance to listen to them yet. I've been adding the info manually into the Itunes and thats taking forever, lol. Anyway, thanks for the CD's! How have you been?

lala said...

fix the Polaroids? what happened to em? any luck finding their film?

miss you, but ah, what's new.

hey, think I'll ever get new rhymes that aren't about the damn earth. feeling like my images are recycled, but at least they are getting out.


blindhope said...

enjoy, enjoy! i can't wait for a report! :)

no, no the board has come away from the wall and several have fallen, that's all. i just have to take time to deal with them, that's all.