my bum and me

i am out from under the medicine, mostly. i was in and out of it all night last night, and very dizzy this morning, but i am ok.

they did find a polyp. the doctor did not seem terribly concerned about it- it was very small. they sent it off for testing, along with four random biopsy points. he said other than that, everything looked normal and i did well. i don't have to have another one for five years- woohoo!!

on another note, and this is kind of hilarious, i have a vitamin D deficincy, and he gave me a prescription for vitamins. why would i have this, even though i have to eat healthfully because of my intestinal disorder? because i stay out of the sun. ha!
well, i'm keeping my pale skin and takin' the vitamins, and i'm fine with that.

so, i'm fine. i'm tired and slow today, but none the worser. thanks for all the prayers and happy thoughts. :)


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J said...

Hey you, glad you're doing okay! glad to hear everything went well too. oh and you should take a break from writing and enjoy some fresh air and some natural light. lol. there's nothing like it. take care!

oh and I was to believe that you were gonna send me a tori amos mix tape? lol