"girl, where you Been?"

where?! WORK. that's where i've been. i worked six ten hours days last week. Yeah.
that's not fun, i don't recommend it.

i've also, for a few weeks, had shooting pain in my ankles and hands/wrists every morning. sometimes it crawls up to my knees. sometimes i can't walk well for a few hours. i've self diagnosed myself with rheumatoid arthritis, but finally went to the doctor about it today. i'm terrified of the doctor- in my world, doctors have always come 'round when someone has aids or cancer, so i'm not real swift on the whole thing. and i had to find a new one, which is trickssy. but i found one, and my visit went well. she assured me that, though RA is possible, it's unlikely for my youth. it's more likely some sort of infection that has settled in my joints, which could have been picked up by something as simple as a mosquito bite. so they took blood, and i'm waiting to find out. since RA is auto-immune, my blood is the only way to know for sure. will keep you posted.

but on the up side- i have a new cousin! no pictures yet, but his name is Oliver, and he is healthy, along with his mama. i can't wait to meet him! also, hallowe'en is this week, and i am terribly pleased about that. if anyone wants to tag along with us, holler at your girl.

and i am still at work now! but am just here so bosslady can have a nice night out, and i'm here in case the kid needs anything. which, of course, he doesn't.

looking forward to a good night's sleep and a full weekend. yo Mama, girl!


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