job update

i'm still waiting. not much of an update. but i did call the staffing agency last week to tell my rep that i am still interested and available for this job i want, and she said, 'that's great, because they are very interested in you.' at this point, i am confident that i will get the third interview with the man himself, because my rep would have been able to tell me that they'd passed by now. i'm hoping for the third interview this upcoming week, i've had a feeling about it happening before march. i hope i'm right. i tried really hard not to get my hopes up about this job, but let's face it, that ship has sailed. it's a great job, and i really think i'd be good at it. i will be disappointed if i don't get it.

not that i'm putting all my eggs in one basket- i know better than that. i still look, update with the staffing agencies (can you believe i went to SEVEN of them and haven't had a job in almost six bloody months?!), send resumes, make calls, all that stuff. or, as George says, "Looking and listening. Listening and looking. You can't forget the listening."

i'm sorry if this has consumed my life and it's all i have to talk about. i hope that's not entirely the case. i'm sure everyone is tired of it, just as i get tired of it eventually when others are consumed by something in their lives. especially after six months.
yeah, i feel worse than i did two seconds ago. damn.

i am still trying to be positive. it just gets hard sometimes, like when i think about Scarlett. but this, too, shall pass. if i start to feel Really bad, i just look at that picture below of the kungfu kitty. cracks me up every time!

and at least i do get to go to the gym everyday. and it's actually getting a little better and easier on me, that is, i don't spend the whole time on the machine thinking about getting off of it- that's a huge change. my pilates classes don't seem so long, either. i've also been able to spend a lot of time on The Vaudes show. we're really, really close to finishing it, and that's exciting. and my book is finally almost done, praise Jesus.

and the golden girls will never let me down, because six episodes come on a day. yeah, that's right.


and PS-

Anne got to see the Obama/Clinton debate last week in texas and shake his hand at the party afterwards! how cool is that? Annie get cher gun, girl!!

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