Josh had a very lovely birthday. thanks to all of you who messaged, myspaced, called, dropped by, etc. he felt very loved. i hope that everyone else we know who celebrated their birthday yesterday (James, Catie, Betsey, and Jon) had a lovely day, too. things have quieted down here now- we have a very busy season from thanksgiving to yesterday, what with the holidays and all of the family and friend birthdays contained therein. things should be a bit calmer for at least a few weeks. although, i still can't believe it is january and 2008 already.

a word about 'golden girls.' it comes on every day at 8am, 3pm, and 12am. and i manage to watch at least five episodes a week (i have a LOT of time on my hands) and i have to say, that show Rules. i could write a book on how freakin' amazing that show is, and if anyone has anything to say about it, let's get it out now. but if you have never given it a chance, i urge you to do so. it is funny, original (at the time), endearing, and tackles some pretty heavy subject matter. just food for thought.

has anyone been to the gym and totally miffed about the new year's resolutioners? i could not get a machine at around three thirty in the afternoon- that's unheard of! and for some reason, it's worse this year than last. and i respect that at least one of those people will stick through and get healthy, but the sad truth is, the majority of them won't. and in the meantime, they are in my way!

preparations- Lafar's dad, Sonny, got an at home and on the tv Jeopardy! game. i've been challenged to take him on once it's up and running. consequently, i've been watching a lot of jeopardy to beef up, so if anyone is interested in it, come over to my house at five. i used to play with Rito McGee all the time (and also a show called 'IQ' that was canceled) but i need practice. Sonny has ups on me, for sho'. and god knows i don't want to get skunked. let's do this!



Roo said...

is that a real or photoshopped picture of alex trebec? you know what, it doesn't matter b/c it's still terribly disturbing.

blindhope said...
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blindhope said...


i know it's totally weird! i googled his name, and that was the first one that came up. clearly, i had to choose it.